6. Please provide your ideas for new courses, any faculty you would like us to consider, and any comments, positive or negative, about this course and/or instructor[s].
GREAT COURSE! / excellent course/ Great faculty/ great, hands-on, cadaver dissection and didactic course from a senior aesthetic plastic surgeon and master facial anatomist./ I thought it was excellent. No suggestions / Tonnard and Lemperle Micr fat grafting/ It is not convenient start with the instructional courses two days prior to the meeting. It increases the expenses for all of us. We need to expend many days out of home (mainly the international members)/ This is a spectacular course with a great faculty and wonderful hand outs. Dr Mendelson is a Saint for doing this. This should definitely be reoffered. Do it the same way next year. / Excellent course. All instructors are genuinely concerned that we, as plastic surgeons provide excellent results, not the quick and easy, so so result. Dr. Mendelson is to be congratulated and honored for his tireless work teaching the rest of us anatomy. This course has helped me understand deep plane anatomy, (and how to alter the tissues safely) in a way that no one else has taught. A MUST attend course for serious facelift students./ Very good course, unfortunately the time frame with only one day was to short and a waste of cadavers in my eyes. But the course was excellent and the instructors also. Thank you very much to Dr. Mendelson, his staff and instructors!!!/ great course, great faculty/ Bryan Mendelson's course excellent./ Excellent course